The City of Ember
Novel Study - Ch. 10 and 11
The City of Ember - Chapter 10 "Blue Sky and Goodbye"
Chapter 11 "Lizzie's Groceries" - Pages 132-154

1. While Granny was sick Lina and Poppy ______.
a) played hide-and-seek
b) drew pictures
c) read stories
d) played with dolls

2. Poppy's picture was a scribble. Lina's was ______.
a) the generator
b) a map of Ember
c) the Pipeworks
d) a city with a blue sky

3. During the night Granny called Lina to come to her. Granny wanted  _______.
a) Lina to just be near to her
b) Lina to bring her some water
c) Lina to sing her a lullaby
d) Lina to tell her about the baby

4. After Granny died, Lina and Poppy moved in with ___________.
a) Lizzie
b) Doon and his father
c) Mrs. Murdo

5. Mrs. Murdo's home was _______.
a) messier than Granny's house
b) old and shabby looking
c) beautiful and cozy

6. Lizzie said the good thing about her new job was _______.
a) that she had a new boyfriend
b) that she didn't get tired
c) that she had a great boss

7. What special food did Lina remember having when she was five years old?
a) peaches
b) canned pears
c) onions
d) creamed corn

8. Lizzie said she got the canned foods from _____________ who said he explored the

9. Looper even found a can of _______________.
a) cherries
b) pineapple
c) blueberries
d) maple syrup

10. Another title for Chapter 11 instead of "Lizzie's Groceries" could be ________________.
a) Temptations
b) Playing Games with Poppy
c) Doon and Lina's Adventure
d) Advice

11.  Which question does this reading selection NOT answer?
a)  Where did Lina and Poppy go after Granny died?
b)  What did Lina like to draw?
c)  What was one reason Lizzie liked her job?
d)  What were the people of Ember going to do when the canned foods ran out?

12.  Which sequence best describes the order of events in Chapter 10?

1)  Poppy and Lina drew pictures.
2)  Granny woke up calling for Lina during the middle of the night.
3)  Dr. Tower came to visit Granny.
4)  Lina stayed home and made Granny a soup of spinach and onions.
5)  Lina found Granny very pale and very still with all the life gone out of her.
6)  Granny became ill with a fever.

1) ________________________
3) _____________________
4) _____________________
5) _____________________
6) _____________________

13.  Which sentence from the reading selection supports the conclusion that Lizzie would NOT
have told Lina about the special canned goods Looper had given her if she tripped and spilled the

a)  Looper explores the storerooms. He's found out that there's still a little bit left of some rare
b)  "What's in the sack?" Lina asked. "Oh, just some groceries," said Lizzie.
c)  If there's only one can of peaches left, only one person gets to have it, right?
d)  Looper found a can of pineapple.

14.  Which statement from the story contains a cause-effect relationship?

a)  Poppy was grasping the pencil in her fist and making a wild scribble.
b)  Lina knew the city from her dreams was bright.
c)  Since paper had been so rare, Lina had to draw on can labels.
d)  Lina colored the space above the buildings, her pencil moving back and forth in short lines,
until the entire sky was blue.
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