UNESCO is a multinational non-govermental organization operated under the purview of the United Nations. Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through educational, scientific, and cultural reforms in order to increase universal respect for justice, the rule of law, and human rights along with fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the United Nations Charter.

You are an agent of UNESCO. As there are 195 member nations signe to UNESCO's charter, with more than 1000 World Heritage Sites in 165 countries protected by UNESCO, you have the ability to move across borders in an effort to protect artifacts deemed important to the cultural history of the world. In essence, your job is to be an international protector of antiquity. There are many throughout the world who feel that their desire to collect and horde these artifacts, or to sell them at a profit, is more important than the necessity to preserve antiquity for the future understanding of others. You are charged with chasing these treasure hunters across borders and to the ends of the earth if necessary in order to protect the priceless artifacts that give us an understanding of ourselves and our cultures.

Of course, those of you who have achieved the greatest success in catching these mercenaries will be rewarded accordingly by the international committees that support our organization. Good luck and good hunting.