Berrigan Hockey League: 2015-16


Welcome to the sixth annual Berrigan Hockey League Fantasy Championship. This is the third year using the Yahoo Sports Fantasy engine. This is an extracurricular opportunity to meet with som other teachers and students and add to your enjoyment of watching hockey by having a few extra players to follow. Along the way you will learn additional technology and have some fun as well.


In order to join, you need to get a Yahoo email account. Please do not use any of your actual information, and let me know your username and password so that I have it in case you lose it. This information CANNOT BE RECOVERED OTHERWISE!


Afterward, please go to this URL to sign up.




1st - California Seals (Mr. Berrigan)

2nd - Brandon's Beauts (Brandon F.)

3rd - The Habs Guy (Aidan R.)




1st - Los Conquistadors (Mr. Berrigan)

2nd - Puckislife (Kyle M. and Tanner Y.)

3rd - Justin's Team (Justin H.)