Matt and Chelsea

Wedding 2016

July 20th at Central Park in Manhattan, New York, Matt Berrigan and Chelsea McNutt will be celebrating their relationship with family and friends.

To all who will be there and to all who cannot attend, we thank you immensely for all of your love and support.

For those in attendance, the itinerary and directions to the wedding and dinner are included on this page.

On Wednesday, July 20, please meet at 10:30 at Wagner Cove on The Lake in Central Park. The closest entrance to the park is at the corner of W. 72nd Street and Central Park West. This is the location of the Dakota apartment building (the location where John Lennon was murdered on December 8, 1980).

After entering the park, stay on Terrace Drive, heading East past Strawberry Fields until you reach the Cherry Hill Fountain. You may recognize this fountain from Friends. If so, you are wrong. That fountain is in Los Angeles, but feel free to play in it and pretend. From Cherry Hill fountain head directly west to the shore of the lake... Wagner Cove is pictured to the right. Be prepared... there is a bit of a hill! The ceremony begins at 10:30.

After the wedding, we will be going through Central Park with our photographer, and then to many of the city's landmarks getting our first pictures as a married couple. Take this time to enjoy New York and we will see you Downtown later for dinner. Dinner will be at Delmonico's Restaurant in the Financial District at 7:00.

Delmonico's, known as the first fine dining restaurant in America, is in the historic building at the triuangular intersection of Beaver, William and South William Streets. For your cab driver or GPS, the address is 56 Beaver Street. For the foodies in the crowd, Delmonico's is credited with the invention of not only the Delmonico Steak, but also Chicken a la King, Eggs Benedict, Lobster Newburg and Baked Alaska. We look forward to seeing you there!