What is money?



1. To introduce you to the concepts that surround money such as: money as a form of currency for exchange, wants versus needs and financial responsibility.

2. To address the value of money and identify the connection between personal values and money.

At the root of all business is the movement of money from one place to another.

1. What is money and why is it needed in society?


2. What do you (personally) do with your money?


3. How much does a normal day cost you (think about everything you may need in a day)?


4. What do you “need” money for? What do you “want” money for? In your view, what percentage of money should be allocated toward the “needs” in life (food, shelter and basic clothing)?


5. What is a value? What do the students’ value (i.e. family, love, friendship, health)? How do you think money relates to these things? Does it relate?


6. Why would someone save, invest or donate their money and how does this connect to personal values?

Before trying to figure out what money management is all about, it is important to reflect on your values. What is it that is important to you in your life? No small question! However, how can we understand how to manage our money if we don’t first understand what it is that we want money to help us do? You may be surprised to know that “stuff” is not something that most people value and what you spend your money on may not matter as much as you first thought.


So… what do you value in life?