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The World's Fair in Renaissance Italy

The World's Fair is coming to Italy! Over the course of time, cities have gained extraordinary wealth through holding these exhibitions, as they draw millions of visitors and help lead to the creation of massive architectural achievements. In Paris' 1889 exhbition, Gustav Eiffel built his great tower. The 1893 Chicago World's Fair brought in 27 million visitors before airplanes were invented! Canada held World's Fairs in 1967 in Montreal and 1986 in Vancouver.


Your job is to serve as a representative of one of Italy's city-states and to submit a nomination to the committee.  In order to complete your nomination, you will need to do the following:


Research information about the city-states of your choice. FInd reasons in the following categories that explain why your selected city should be chosen to host the World's Fair.



      - The Arts

      - Commerce

      - Arhitecture and landscape


 Present your nomination in the form of a poster and an oral presentation to the committee. 


The following cities, listed alphabetically, have made the final selection process:

Florence, Genoa, Milan, Rome, Venice