The Conquistador Formula


In the year 1521, the Conquistadors of Spain defeated the Aztecs of Mesoamerica in a battle that shaped the Western hemisphere. How did they do it? If you could replicate the Conquistador’s formula, could you use it to gain victory elsewhere?

Your assignment: Take six to ten points of the Conquistador formula (found by creating a timeline using chapter ten in your textbook) and apply it to something else. For example: could the Conquistador Formula be used to win a football game? A victory for the Death Star? A Pokemon battle? You tell the story!


Some possible ideas utilized by the Conquistadors in the 16th Century:

  • Expedition sets out from old world

  • Development of a colony

  • Identifying the most powerful opponent

  • Befriending opponents enemies

  • Inviting the leader of the opponent to peaceful assembly

  • Capturing the enemy leader

  • Using superior weaponry/tools

  • Establishing control over the enemy

  • Converting the enemy to your way of thinking

  • Anything else that your creative mind can identify!!!