Crash Course Japan


In your final performance task of Grade 8 Humanities, you and a partner will be creating a crash course video similar to those that we watched starring John Green. In this video you will be required to examine an element of Japanese culture that you find interesting, and inside of five minutes, teach the class about it.


Basic expectations


Select a topic of interest that teaches the class of an aspect of Japanese culture. Possibilities can include something from Japanese history (the divine wind that halted the Mongol invasion, the Satsuma Rebellion, the 47 Ronin), Japanese religion (Zen Buddhism, Shinto, Confucianism), cuisine (sushi, sashimi), historical characters who either are from Japan or were important in outside interactions with Japan (Tokugawa Ieyasu, Matthew Perry, etc), Japanese cinema (Seven Samurai, Kagemusha) or anything else that you can think of!


Make your presentation interesting and engaging. Just as John Green uses “thought bubble” and “open letter,” you can use any relevant method to help teach your concept. Good luck!