Current Events Presentations

Periodically throughout the year, you will each be required to give a 5-10 minute newscast to be presented to the class of a topic related to current national or international events and lead your fellow students in a discussion. You will have two days to prepare and write your newscast, two days to film and edit and will present on the fifth and final day. My expectation is that your presentation will contain effective visuals. You will use cue cards or a podium or desk and you will look and act professionally. Public speaking is an essential skill that is necessary in school, work and life. This activity will take place at the beginning of class on your assigned day and you will end up completing numerous presentations by the end of the year. Sometimes you will have the opportunity to present in a group, and other times you will be expected to present alone. 


This is a project dedicated to newsworthy current events. I am looking for local, national and world events. I am looking for business, finance and politics. This is not the place to discuss the score in the recent Flames game, a football trade or anything to do with a Kardashian or Taylor Swift.


Do not look at this assignment as a major source of stress. Consider it an opportunity to explore a newsworthy topic of interest and to share your interests with your peers. Some of the best presentations of the past have included the following:


The impact of falling oil prices on Alberta's economy

The search for Malaysian Flight 370

The future of space tourism

The Crimean Crisis

Canadians joining the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq

Major criminal activity throughout the world

New technologies introduced at CES in Las Vegas

The release of the iPhone 11


Each presentation needs to contain the following categories:


Overview: Explain the event that occurred. 


Background: Why is the context of the event? Why did the event occur?


Significance: Why does this event matter?


Impact on the Future: How is this event going to impact the future?