Grade 8 Humanities Assignments

Primary sources can include things like letters, diaries, photographs and artifacts. For this first assignment, you will be using the evidence provided to draw conclusions about a specific person - you.


Worldview describes the lense through which a person defines the world around them. It includes their point of view on things such as values, religion, politics, art and culture, among others.

For this study, you will be playing the role of a reporter. The purpose of this assignment is to learn about a part of our history in a way that relates closely to who we are as told by the people who lived it. Students will be seeking out family members, or others to whom they are close, and conducting an interview with them about a part of history that they lived.

Throughout the term, you will each be required to present the class with a brief overview of a topic related to current national or international events and lead your fellow students in a discussion.

Pursuing Passions is a research and public speaking assignment that gives them students opportunity to explore the things that they care about and to share them with their classmates.