Benvenuti in Italia


You have just been hired by the Italian Trade Commission to help encourage commercial and tourist traffic coming into Italy. The Commission is supported by some of Italy’s greatest families including the Visconti of Milan, the Adorno of Genoa and the Medici of Florence. Additionally, the commission is supported by the Doge of Venice and the Pope in Rome. These five major cities are looking for people to help improve the prestige of their great cities from Cathay and the Japans to India to Ethiopia. Your job is to assist them in improving that profile! You may work either individually, or in a group of no more than three.


Task #1 - Design a poster that captures the essence of one of the great cities

of Renaissance Italy. You will have a sponsor (a leading family or titled person

from the city), who you should certainly highlight in your work. This poster will

be copied using the printing presses of Venice and circulated throughout the

known world. Your poster should include the following:

  • - The name of the city should be bold and stand out on the page

  • - Drawings on the page (not printouts, computers don’t yet exist!) should

  • demonstrate the physical beauty of the city and/or its surrounding region

  • (it’s not an art class, but do your best!)

  • - There should be clear references to how the city makes money and can

  • offer effective commerce to travellers and traders alike

  • - Find some interesting details about the city that you are representing.

  • There are ample details about Florence, Milan, Genoa and - Venice on a magical

  • place called

  • - Your sponsor is paying for all of the copies of your poster to be circulated, so be

  • sure to dedicate your work to them!


Task #2 - Present your work to the trade commission. This should be no more than one or two minutes, but

will help explain anything on the poster that someone simply looking at it may overlook.

  • - Make sure to explain everything of interest that would draw travellers and traders to your city.

  • - Describe what you have included in your drawings and why you have included it.

Buona Fortuna!