John Calvin


John Calvin was a French theologian who lived from 1509 to 1564, primarily in Geneva. By 1541, Calvin was able to create a theocracy in Geneva, meaning that the city was ruled completely by Calvin's religious views.


Calvin’s most important teaching was that people were unable to control anything in this life. Calvin believed that everything was controlled by God, the past, the present, and the future. This is called predestination. According to this doctrine, some people are destined to go to heaven, while others were destined to go to hell. Calvin taught that an individual could do nothing to change their predestination. Calvinist religions, such as the World Reformed Church (popular in Southern Alberta), have approximately 80 million followers today.


Many people were either expelled from the city of Geneva for heresy, and some were even killed for crimes against the church, such as witchcraft or "being too Catholic." 

John Calvin - Read by Mr. Berrigan
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