Oxford English Dictionary

"True, justified belief; certain understanding, as opposed to opinion."

"E pur si muove"

How do you "know" anything?


How do we “know” that current events really are occurring if we are not there?


That history really happened if we are not there?


That gravity does not exist in space if we have never been?


How do we even know that the people in our houses are even our parents if we cannot remember our lives prior to the age of five?


Then more specifically, how do we know that the earth is NOT the center of the universe? For countless people from different civilizations, beliefs and eras of time, they would look up to the sky and see objects moving around them, lending credence to a self-important view as being the focal point of all things. The sun rose in the east and it set in the west. Constellations appeared at different times in the year to tell us of impending seasons and related phenomena. Human beings were held above all things on earth and were subject only to the great power of the heavens, which was focused down upon us.


What evidence can we point to in order to say that the sun isn’t moving from one part of the sky to another… at the time of Nicolaus Copernicus there was a millennia old ptolemaic view of a geocentric universe placing the earth at the center. What needed to be done to prove that the earth moves? What obstacles exist that prevent an earth shattering change to people’s worldview?


Astronomy in the Renaissance

My Mom and Dad

By Bill Watterson


My mom and my dad are not what they seem.
Their dull appearance is part of their scheme.
I know of their plans. I know their techniques.
My parents are outer space alien freaks!


They landed on Earth in spaceships humongous.
Posing as grownups, they now walk among us.
My parents deny this, but I know the truth.
They're here to enslave me and spoil my youth.


Early each morning, as the sun rises,
Mom and Dad put on their Earthling disguises.
I knew right away their masks weren't legit.
Their faces are lined -- they sag and don't fit.


The Earth's gravity makes them sluggish and slow.
They say not to run, wherever I go.
They live by the clock. They're slaves to routines.
They work the year 'round. They're almost machines.


They deny that TV and fried food have much worth.
They cannot be human. They're not of this Earth.
I cannot escape their alien gaze,
And they're warping my mind with their alien ways.

For sinister plots, this one is a gem.
They're bringing me up to turn me into them!