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Lest We Forget...

There is currently no one left alive that served for Canada during the First World War. A veteran who served in the Second World War, should they have been 18 when Canada first entered, would have been born in 1921, and thus 94 years of age. Time ticks by and we become further and further removed from the massive armed conflicts that have engulfed the entire world, and as they become increasingly distant, it easy to forget the atrocities than humankind is capable of and the selfless acts of valour that have given us the freedoms that we enjoy today. This year, each student has written a 500 word paper describing in their way, the appreciation that they have for those who have sacrificed on our behalf.

While working in Japan, I had the humbling experience of attending the peace memorial in Hiroshima, where the first nuclear device ever used on a human population was dropped. On its 70th anniversary, the gravity of what people can do to one another still weighs heavily on the visitor. Still in existence is the dome near the epicenter that survived the eruption, the charred bicycles and lunchboxes, the stories of grief, devastation and loss, and the call to future generations to never let atrocity of this magnitude happen again. Lest we forget…

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